The purpose of this blog is to give the parents ideas and exercises to do with their children at home to support their learning process.

Some of the suggestions were taken from the High Reach Program and others from the Student Support Service (JFK-Preschool), the videos from youtube and the pictures from google.

The activities are classified in areas: Math, Language, Social-emotional and Motor Skills.
I hope you will find these suggestions fun and useful.

Please feel free to add comments in English or Spanish.

Miss Lupita Castillo

Number recognition skills

Number recognition skills can be defined as “the ability to identify and name basic numerals”.
Number recognition can actually be broken down into separate skills – matching, identifying, and naming. When matching, a child can find the matching numeral when shown an example. This is the first step in number recognition. The child perceives the differences between the numerals.
Identifying is the next step. Identifying focuses on the ability to point out a numeral when named.
The next step is naming. In this step the child can name the numeral when asked.
And the final step is matching the numeral with the quantity of objects.
Activitiy 1:
Invite your child to count using his/her body parts.
·        How many eyes do you have?
·        How many fingers do you have?, etc.

Activity 2: Setting the table
Let your child to set the table, counting how many plates, glasses, spoons, etc. they need.

HighReach program

Video: Numbers Song
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